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Searching for a Good Beauty Salon in Bristol?

Welcome to UK 10 Best!

The City of Bristol is as vibrant as it is cultured and whether you live there, or if you’re just passing through – you’ll undoubtedly have seen the great variety of beauty salons dotted around the area. We know what you’re thinking… How on earth can you expect to decide on one of these centres with so many to choose from?

Well, that’s where we come in. We make it our top priority to help you to narrow down your search and over the years, we’ve refined our featured salons into 10 individual centres; all of which we deem to be some of the best in the entire city. From hair salons specialising in cuts, styles and everything in between, all the way to cosmetic clinics offering a range of advanced beauty services – we’ve found the best around for your enjoyment.

No matter where you are located, whether you call Cotham or Montpelier home, or if you’re a little closer to the river at Broadmead – if you’re searching for a great salon that prioritises cost, performance and availability, we’re sure that you’ll find one to suit your needs.

Are all of our featured salons similar?

The only similarities that our featured clinics have is that they are all open on weekends, all boast very fair prices and all of them can be booked with a quick phone call. That’s where the similarities come to an end however, with some of them specialising in hair care, others in beauty treatments and some catering to both.

This can make it even easier for you to find your ultimate salon and as we evaluate the features of every single one that you’ll find listed here, you can rest assured that they are as reliable as they are purse-friendly. We feature unisex salons, small studios, large facilities and more – allowing for a fantastic variety of choice when it comes to deciding on the salon for your needs.

You can trust our team

There’s a reason why so many people in the UK come to us when searching for a good salon near their area; and that’s because our team are qualified therapists that know a thing or two about providing a great service. We get to know more about the salons without you having to spend a penny – and as we only feature the ones that tick all of the right boxes, you’ll never have to worry about booking an appointment with a dud!